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The Texas State Troopers Association is a pioneering nonprofit organization which has directly influenced some of the most beneficial and supportive legislation for Texas State Troopers for 25+ years.


The Texas State Troopers Association, based in Austin, Texas, is a voluntary labor organization comprised of non-supervisory commissioned officers and retirees of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). This organization believes in the power of community and collaboration, and in the importance of strengthening our community. The Texas State Troopers Association does their part by organizing memorial services, planning cookouts, banquets, and other events to show those that are involved in law enforcement in our area that their work is appreciated and recognized.

The fundamental tenet of our nonprofit is to assist, protect, and empower State Troopers– and one of the most important ways that our volunteer team makes this happen is by lobbying for the legal good that the taxpaying public of Texas deserves. The Texas State Troopers Association is highly experienced in professional advocacy. We collaborate with other organizations, alongside our own team of independent attorneys and legislative consultants, to ensure that real change goes into effect on behalf of Troopers.

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Our organization provides representation to its members at the State Capitol where their benefits are mandated. Our lobby team monitors hundreds of bills of interest to our membership and we work with lawmakers, agency officials, legislative staff, and other stakeholders to help them pass. We also defend against bills that could negatively impact our members and even continuously track neutral bills to ensure that if they unexpectedly sway in one direction or the other, we are the first to know.

From better pay, benefits, and pension/retirement to commendations and memorials for our beloved officers, the Texas State Troopers Association lobbies for numerous positive causes that reinforce our belief in law enforcement. We are also active in liability issues, administrative issues, public safety, gun rights and more.

For more information about our work in the community, check our community work blog. To see how you can get involved with the Texas State Troopers Association, see our general information blog.

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